Stay safe In Indonesia Jungle

Here some of the think before you take jungle and wildlife adventures in Indonesia. What you should know and prepare during in the jungle

The Indonesia jungle divide in most 2 different type, Low land and High land. Lowland mostly covered at the island of Kalimantan, Part of Sumatera and Sulawesi. High land. mostly covered at the island of Papua, Sumatera, part of Sulawesi. But all of them are same ” Humid “.

First thing first you should prepare are :

  1. Prepare cotton shirt
  2. Prepare good jungle shoes or good walking shoes
  3. Insect repellent always on.
  4. Take malaria pill a week before, during, and after. in this case, please ask to your Doctor. Some malaria pill have bad side effect.

Above mentioned is the basic think you should prepare before going to the jungle.

What you should do to stay safe during stay in the jungle. This is just as guide line, all you should do is obey the local guide or ranger. They understand more of their location.

  • don’t go out at night, that’s when the snakes and other dangerous animal are active – it gets dark here at 6:30 pm
  • don’t go out near the creek during the day – that’s when the mosquitoes that carry Dengue Fever bite
  • make sure you wear long sleeve shirts and long pants to protect yourself from bites, and the poisonous caterpillars hiding under leaves
  • wear rubber boots to keep your feet clean and dry & to protect you from snake bites and fire ants
  • wash yourself 2 times a day so you don’t smell – bees are more likely to attack sweaty smelling people
  • wash your clothes too – same reason
  • shake out your boots and shoes before you slip your feet in – there could be a scorpion or spider inside
  • shake out all your laundry before you take it in the house – there could be a colony of ants moved into it
  • don’t do too much activity in the sun when you first arrive or you can get too hot and get climate sores
  • don’t swat or kill any insects that land on you – you might make them mad and then they will sting or bite you – like african or european bees are apt to do
  • don’t scratch any bites that you get, because you might make them worse. And if it happens to be a bottfly, you might kill it inside you and then get an infection
  • if you come across a snake, stay very still and quiet until it passes by
  • if you are bitten by a snake, you can try to use a taser on yourself to neutralize the venom
  • be careful only to eat ripe fruit, or else you might get poisoned, or ea only suggested by your local guide
  • always watch the ground where you are walking in case you step on an ant hill, or block a trail of leaf cutter ants
  • don’t touch any trees, they could have poisonous sap that can give you 3rd degree burns – like sulphuric acid (don’t worry though, the antidote tree always grows beside it)
  • always walk on well worn paths, so you can see if there are any snakes there
  • to clear a path, use a machete, but don’t make too much noise, because it bothers the bees too
  • Do not get too close or even touch with wildlife even they seem quite. Some visitor touch the wildlife such us Orangutan is unforgettable experience. Please always follow ranger instruction.