How to get tour prices ??? provide tour price in few condition. Generally, We divide prices into 3 big categories : Low season, High season and Special offer. Those three categories are inside of BADGE that you can find out at the top right symbol of tours pictures.

Let us guide you at one by one of BADGE :

  1. Fill All the form with your name email address, phone number.
  2. Next is the most importance from is the number of peoples will be in the tour. The number of peoples are range number with composition : 1 person, 2 to 4 person, etc. this is to get the price
  3. Next is the number of person traveling
  4. Search the date of the tour you would like to have. the price will show at the bottom of the form. The price will automatically calculation  based on the number traveler and based on the period of travelling
  5. Click Book the tour. this is not instant confirmation. you will get respond from our staff for availability. 
  6. The rest of step is manual. no instant payment required during the booking process

Then How to get good price ?…

  • Search the price at the period as mentioned low season.
  • Search for share trip or open share trip.
  • When the lucky with you, you will get special price even during high season period.

Greeting from

Since 2007 to nowday, we operated specially Borneo tour destination, during those period there some adding destination such as, Java and Flores which is operated directly by our own team. We are also working together with responsible local tour operator who running the trip that we can not operate directly. is born from the idea to unity all our partner of local tour operator to share their special offer in one stop travel shopping website. A is entering point of the local operator create their special offer while the customer can get update program and prices.

In this point of view, The Indonesia tour program we are provided, is same with other you can find in the internet. Our big different is on dealing. We call ” Variable price ”  it mean, we have at least 2 different price in whole year period. We divide in to Low season price and High season price. BUT there are and other offer which is not following the season, and it call ” SURPRISE DEAL “, and when it that ???… You have to explore each date. but we are assure you that every month will have surprise deal…

Since this Idea is not popular yet. So for the beginning we work with the destination the Directly operated by while we will offer all our local partner could follow us. We offer 3 option of dealing and 3 option of tour departure as following :

  • Private tour : The dealing offer are Low season deal, High season deal, Surprising deal
  • Share trip : Set date and fix dealing with minimum guaranty departure 3 peoples
  • Open Share trip : did not match with departure schedule, we offer open sharing, you can ask to open your departure to the public. Term and conditional are apply.

Herewith the following the program with the condition is mentioned above :

  1. Borneo orangutan tour program
  2. Banjarmasin tour program
  3. Central java and East Java program
  4. Yogyakarta tour program
  5. Komodo tour program
  6. Flores tour destination. 

And will be more.

Please explore our website and if you do not find the program you would like to have, please call us.