Borneo orangutan tour tanjung puting national park central kalimantan
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Open Tour to orangutan tanjung puting

3 days OPEN tour to orangutan Tanjung Puting National Park Kalimantan  Special offer Entering to the unforgettable wildlife adventures, OPEN Orangutan tour 3 days  at Tanjung Puting National Park  "ENJOYABLE and RELAXABLE wildlife adventure " That what we call about the trip to the real habitat of andangered species " OrangUtan"  at Tanjung Puting National Park Kalimantan ( Indonesia Borneo ) Boat ride to home of wildlife, Tanjung puting National Park is an adventure itself. Travel by slowly moving Klotok along Sekoyer river and as you get closer the main destination the water turns  Black- Tea in colour.  As the river narrows you cruise past nipa palm fringed banks and it is not unusual to spot one or two estuarine swamp crocodiles. You may find Along the way with a family of proboscis monkeys treated us to a spectacle of acrobatics. One can visit Camp Leakey and Pondok Tanggui at feeding times, waiting for the orangutan to come voluntarily from the jungle to feed on bananas and seasonal fruit, which are placed on a feeding platform. Mothers arrive crashing through the trees with their babies straddled piggy-style on their backs. Some approach walking up the very trail you have used to
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